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HiSTORY Retold is a bi-partisan, student-led initiative working to develop classroom resources that adequately address the needs of students. We aim to broaden the lens students' learn history by introducing new elements to curricula. 

We are not looking to rewrite history, nor looking to erase it. We work to supplement students’ learning experience by casting light by introducing modern elements to classrooms. We also work to cast light upon the many communities who have come together to weave the rich tapestry of American history for their contribution to the American experience that makes our country unique. Our resources naturally complement national curriculum standards, making it easy for educators to implement them alongside traditional established lesson plans. Collecting student feedback and accessing how classes are taught has helped us identify areas where American classrooms can improve. Given that most students have been affected by knowledge gaps created by remote learning during the pandemic, it is more important now than ever to ensure that the way students are being taught aligns with how they learn best. 

Representation matters. We're democratizing access to representative curricula by providing teachers, students, parents, and community members with a platform to share their stories. Our innovative approach to curriculum change synthesizes pedagogical, political, and personal impact: we develop online resource sets, create unique lesson plans, organize policy action pushes, and work to promote storytelling in the classroom. We work firsthand with school districts, administrative boards, and individual educators to accomplish our goals. 


 All of our work is led and championed by our student network, which spans 20 states. As a group, we recognize that education shapes perspective. We also acknowledge that academic performance and student attendance improve when high schoolers engage with inclusive and relevant curricula. We know that modernized, inclusive education can potentially transform the American student experience.

After all, today's students are tomorrow's global leaders.  We must equip our students with a comprehensive understanding of all of the unique voices that have impacted our country so that they can create a more empathetic, collaborative, and connected world.

  We believe that no story deserves to be left unheard. Our goal is to highlight the histories and backgrounds of various Americans, enriching the curriculum in the process. Stories are one of the most powerful mediums of information: they give us a chance to understand each others' experiences truly. Thus, we've created a comprehensive collection of 'testimonies' highlighting the unique perspectives of people around the nation. We hope that this resource can be used as an enrichment tool to broaden students’ understanding of the past. 

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