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Enrichment Materials: Indigenous Voices

These enrichment materials build upon concepts introduced in US History and Advanced US History courses. They incorporate and link perspectives of indigenous peoples throughout our nation's history.

The story of Turtle Island


A look into the vast array of Native American spiritual practices, collected from ethnographic accounts of early religions


Analyzing the practices of Native Americans through surviving artifacts, drawings, and accounts of oral tradition


A list of documents, books, and sources containing information on treaties, governmental practices, spirituality, lifestyle, and languages in the Early Americas


Link to an anthology containing Native American perspectives on history ranging from European contact to modern day


Native American perspective on Thanksgiving, an event greatly misconstrued by modern media as a “peaceful feast between pilgrims and Native-Americans”


A list of transcripts from modern-day Native Americans detailing their peoples’ history


An account by Powhatan, Virginia's leading chief, on English invasion

"The Pilgrims from Indian Perspective"

A Naragansett Plea for Unity against the English

A look into Native-American perspectives, along with the sides that they took, during the American Revolution

Tecumseh’s document regarding pan-Indian unity and resistance

A letter from the leaders of the Seneca Nation, one of the largest nations of Native Americans in New York

An act providing for the exchange of land between Native Americans and settlers, and for their complete removal west of the River Mississippi

A report of life in California’s American Indian territories

Article documenting the role of Native Americans in the antebellum US military

Photo of wounded Native American sharpshooters in the Civil War

Map of Indian territory during Industrial Revolution

Accounts of the Trail of Tears

"An Indian's View of Indian Affairs" during the Gilded Age

Photographs of Native Americans during the Gilded Age

Native Americans in WW1 and their fight for citizenship

The Osage Indian murders from the FBI Vault

“Indians at Work” during the Great Depression

Native American women & equality in politics

Discussing the use of Native languages as “code” for American intelligence

Gay Native Americans at 1978 Freedom Day Parade

"Declaration of Indian Purpose"

"Problems of the American Indian: The Forgotten Americans"

A photo depicting solidarity between Native and African-American activists

Latinx peoples, Native Americans, and women in an Era of Social Change

Latinx peoples and Native Americans seeking equality

Native Americans in the late 20th century/ early 21st century

Source Set on items related to the Spokane tribe

Native Americans exhibition items

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