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  • Anonymous High School Student

Indian-American Misrepresentation

I feel that the American Dream does not seem to fit the lives of people of color, simply because of what it is and how people created that ideal. As in, when you think “American”, you would not think of me, an Indian American: you would think of a Caucasian person. In fact, when my family speaks about white people, they refer to them as “Americans”, despite my brother and I being born in Texas and being Americans. This is probably because my parents immigrated to America and did not grow up here, but also partly because, even though they got their green cards and can vote, I doubt they see themselves as American either. As an Indian American girl, I feel somewhat misrepresented in my school’s curriculum, mostly because it is rare to see people of my ethnic background in history lessons. But whenever I do, I do not usually relate to or see myself as a part of that group. South India is not that represented in the curriculum here that I have seen, especially Kerala, and there is no prominent group of Indians at my school, so it is not common for me to think about my ethnicity in that environment. I think it would be nice to learn about the various cultures around the world, so we avoid making assumptions about our peers and get exposure to all the lives people are living around us. There is so much history that we could all share with each other if given the opportunity.

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