• Jessica Wombles

Oh What I'd Give To Be a Bird

I stand atop the highest rock

as the tourists gaze at the sights given

I wish that I could understand the language they talk

oh what I’d give to be human

I stare down into the canyon

watching the crows sit with their herd

they look happy to be on the rock that’s abandoned

oh what I’d give to be a bird

The world is better seen from above

but while I can fly, there is still fire from the sun

it’s rays scorch me with dehydration

oh how easy it would be for a human

It’s too high up here and I hate the heat

if I had wings I dont have to say even one word

I’m thirsty and just need one drink

oh how easy it would be for the life of a bird

They look so calm and peaceful

with their problems being close to none

they live their lives for the joy in their soul

oh how life would be the dream if I was human

I lock eyes with a crow alone on his perch

he has dark brown eyes just like mine

I start to think our lives aren’t so different on this earth

and that although our contrasts, we still find something that both of us can rhyme

Her eyes were the same color as mine

it seems she understood the pain that I couldn’t say in words

and I thought that maybe..just maybe

this life as a small small bird

couldn’t be quite as different as the life that is hers

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