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Seeing Yourself in History

I feel that the representation of LGBTQIA+ history, while doing better, is stick lacking in history curriculums. This year was the first year I ever even heard about an LGBTQIA+ figure, and it was in my History of Art class. Previously, when talking about this person, my teachers never even mentioned their sexuality. I feel that it is important to mention LGBTQIA+ figures in class because not only does it familiarize students with LGBTQIA+ individuals, it also helps closeted youth who feel like they don't fit in. Seeing a successful LGBTQIA+ individual could be very inspiring for them and help with their confidence. I certainly would have felt better with my identity if I learned more about the LGBTQIA+ community earlier on in my life. Familiarizing students with casual mentions of one's identity could also help others with supporting the community. In addition, discussing LGBTQIA+ history directly can open eyes to how toxic homophobia is and encourage others to fight against all discrimination.

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