• Princess Ogiemwonyi

The Woman Beyond her Skin

I was born on November 12th which makes me a Scorpio and if I’m being honest I’m way too invested in what that means

I am 5’5 and 3 quarters allegedly I wear a size 9 in shoes I don’t know how to cook, and I have a weakness for guys with dark circles around their eyes

I’m still learning how to open up I’m often closed off in times I should be open and vulnerable in places where I know I can’t get hurt

So, most nights my closest friend is my pillow as I spill my fears and darkest secrets into its nonexistent ears sometimes in the form of tears

I like Hot Cheetos; a Lot I think brown is the most underrated color and I Really don’t know how to cook I am so bad at it I somehow turned a green pot black and ever since that I’ve had a pact with my mom to stay out of the kitchen

secretly I get really annoyed when people smack I have a bad habit of biting my nails I can’t remember the last time I received mail and deep down I am really afraid to fail which is why I often quit things before I get the chance to, its sorta another bad habit thing that I do

I’m not sure if I believe in love but I do want to get married I think that life is too short to have regrets but life itself can be scary

I often find myself double guessing and for some reason I’m always stressing I think that kids are, well can be a blessing and that music is the only thing I need to convince me that God is a real entity

Lasty I am a black woman I say it with pride however it is funny how that is the last thing I used to describe me, but it is usually the first and only thing people choose to see when they look at me

I think it goes to show that even though I could be the first person to land on mars, make the world’s fastest cars or heck I don’t know catch a shooting star the fact that I am black woman is all some people would ever know

And what I hope that this poem shows is that Yes I am a black woman but I am also a black woman who stands at a whopping 5’5 wears a size nine who’s a sucker for sleep deprived guys thinks that brown should be more recognized and loves a good bag of Hot Cheetos or fries who bites her nails is terrified to fail and wishes for a letter in the mail who needs to stick to books because she really can’t cook is so so tired of being labeled as just another black woman when she is all that and way way more.

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