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Enrichment Materials: African-American Voices

These enrichment materials build upon concepts introduced in US History and Advanced US History courses. They incorporate and link perspectives of African-Americans throughout our nation's history.

A look into African-American involvement in the Revolutionary War

African-Americans and the Revolution

African Americans in the Early Republic

Slavery in the Early Republic

Letter to Philadelphia’s Freedom Journal by a formerly enslaved man

Interview with a Negro cowboy, Bones Hooks, from the period of westward expansion

A collection explaining the Dred Scott case - the case of an African American man and his wife filing for freedom - that began an eleven year fight in the legal realm that went to the Supreme Court

An anti-slavery hymn

Archive of abolitionist Black voices during the Antebellum period

Slave narratives and photographs

Document explaining the relationship between slaves and the American judicial system

Black Republican leader requesting protection during era of Reconstruction

Codes against African-Americans in the South after the abolition of slavery

African Americans in the Progressive Era (Gilded Age)

Oral-history interviews discussing life in the Jim Crow South

Lynching from the POV of a Black woman, Mary Church Terrell

“Effect of Imperialism upon the Negro Race”

‘The Black Man’s Burden’

A collection of primary sources regarding African American involvement in WW1

The Tulsa Race Massacre

Race Riots and Protests

“The New Negro’

"African American Women and the 19th Amendment"

Race Relations in the 1930s and 1940s

African American stories in WWII

“The Negro in America Today,” 1950s

Detroit Race Riots, 1943

Black Natchez, a digital collection meant to highlight the registration of Black voters in the South

BAD Times, a student-led newspaper during the Civil Rights Movement

Alex Haley’s ‘The Malcolm X I Knew’

Black Vietnam Veterans discussing the injustices they faced during and after the war

African Americans in the Vietnam War

African Americans at the end of the 20th century

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