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Meet HiStory Retold's toolkit for facilitating change: Impact+

What is Impact+? 

Impact+ is a curriculum targeted towards grades 7-9. It is comprised of five lesson which take 10-15 minutes of class time. It can be used to supplement the curriculum nearly any course. The objective of the curriculum is to help students identify a problem, understand its cause(s) and effect(s), come up with solutions, set goals, determine the actions necessary to achieve their goals, and create an action plan. It encourages students to be reinvest in their communities and work to better the spaces which surround them. 

Are you an educator who wants to explore Impact+ in your classroom? We do all the work for you so that Impact+ is easy to implement. Our resources are adaptable and widely applicable.

Are you a student who would like to use Impact+ to create your action plan? Register below to access the resource. 

Register as an Impact+ Student
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