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Enrichment Materials: Civil War/ Reconstruction

These enrichment materials build upon concepts introduced in US History and Advanced US History courses. They incorporate and link perspectives from a myriad of voices throughout this period.

First-person narratives of Southerners during the Civil War era, especially those whose voices were not well represented at the time - women, enlisted men, laborers, African Americans, and Native Americans


Collection of narratives, biographies, and memoirs detailing the African American struggle for freedom from slavery


Materials detailing the role of women in the war


Slave narratives and photographs

Document explaining the relationship between slaves and the American judicial system


Life in the Confederate States

The papers of Confederate president Jefferson Davis

The Emile Davis Diaries, a collection detailing the life of an African-American woman living in Philadelphia during the Civil War


A Confederate man, Evan Jones Walker, describing “Yankee Horrors”


Photo of wounded Native American sharpshooters in the Civil War

Civil War casualty statistics

Transcribed documents from the debates surrounding Virginia's secession



Marxism in the Reconstruction era


Black Republican leader requesting protection during era of Reconstruction


Black Officeholders in the South during Reconstruction

Leroy Dean discussing vigilantes in Texas post-war

The papers of Frederick Douglass


Reconstruction-era Ku Klux Klan

"This is a White Man's Government," political cartoon by Thomas Nast


Codes against African-Americans in the South after the abolition of slavery


The Louisiana White League Platform


Slavery is Dead (?), an image shedding light on the state of African-Americans in Reconstruction America

"The Struggle Between the Civilization of Slavery and that of Freedom," written by Edward C. Billings

"The First Colored Senator and Representatives in the 41st and 42nd Congresses of the United States," 1872

"An era of progress and promise, 1863-1910; the religious, moral, and educational development of the American Negro since his emancipation"

"Proportion of the Colored to the Aggregate Population: 1890," a map detailing racial results of the 11th Census

"Should Andrew Johnson be Impeached?"

The papers of Ulysses S. Grant

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