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Enrichment Materials: Female Voices

These enrichment materials build upon concepts introduced in US History and Advanced US History courses. They incorporate and link perspectives of women throughout our nation's history.

Women’s rights in the Early Republic

Suffrage in Early Republic

Women in Early Republic

Native American women & equality in politics

Women during the antebellum reform movement

The Cult of Domesticity & its role in the suffrage movement

Materials detailing the role of women in the Civil War

Photo of a group of girls playing basketball at school during Industrial Era

Document detailing the work of women in a boardinghouse

"African American Women and the 19th Amendment"

Women's suffrage in Wyoming

Collection presented by the Women’s Suffrage Association, detailing the fight for the female right to vote

Photos from the Women’s Suffrage Movement

Women working in the Progressive Era

Lynching from the POV of a Black woman, Mary Church Terrell

Service records of women who served in the Women’s Royal Naval Service

Photograph of women grinding barrels of automatic 45s

Photograph of American Red Cross nurses

Women’s party campaign for equal rights


Photos detailing the struggle for women’s suffrage

The papers of Caroline Lockhart


The papers of Amelia Earhart

Documentation of female veterans in WWII

Female journalists, broadcasters, and photographers in WWII

Being a young girl during wartime in America

Interview with Georgette Braga, a woman from New Jersey

Jewish Women’s Archive

The Women at NASA Langley

Proclamation of the Delano Grape Warriors by Dolores Huerta

Women in the Civil Rights Movement

Women in the Vietnam War

Women fighting for equality during the Era of Social Change

Women in the 20th century

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